Tuesday, April 5

"The best use for a unicorn's horn...

is to adorn a unicorn." -author unknown

Congratulations to my friend and mentor JRose (who has given me pointers on how to get this blog thing going) on becoming a blog of note! Your Cheeseblarg is a wonderful place to unwind at the end of the day, since there is a general dearth of llama merchandise at the thrift store, I felt this lesson on unicorns would be apropos ~

 A brief lesson on understanding the gentle unicorn~
 (Taken from --Le Bestiaire Divin de Guillaume, Clerc de Normandic--(of the thirteenth century))

"The unicorn has but one horn in the middle of its forehead."
(Hi, good to meet you!)

"It is the only animal that ventures to attack the elephant; and so sharp is the nail of its foot, that with one blew it can rip the belly of that beast."
More muscles than Barry Bonds, (when he was taking steroids allegedly)

"Hunters can catch the unicorn only by placing a young virgin in its haunts. No sooner does he see the damsel..."

well she's "like a virgin" anyway

   "than he runs towards her, and lies 
down at her feet,"  
Hey there gorgeous

 Umm, How could you not lay down all the time, if your feet come out of your neck?
"and so suffers himself to be captured by the hunters."


  1. lmao. I actually enjoyed that... (follower of cheeseblarg, but gonna follow u too!)

  2. Wow, I must say, you know your unicorns. Caught all the varieties (except the rare velvet painting) like some sort of autistic Poke-fanatic.

  3. thanks =) I like followers, and I have plenty more unicorns for future posts, don't think you've seen them all by a long shot

  4. You are hilarious! Following you (on recommendation of Miss JRose of The Cheeseblarg!)


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