Tuesday, April 19

Easter Around The World

Perusing thrift stores, I get the rare privilege of seeing the tchotchkes of many nations, several of which are illustrations of Easter Icons and traditions, here are a few of the most iconic...

In India: specially chosen ducks have been said to receive a henna treatment to commemorate the holiday

In New York: it is traditional for the ladies to wear their Easter bonnet

(with all it's frills upon it)

In the country of Druelselstein: they celebrate the Easter Pig leaving truffles in the forest for the children to find

...than the parents sell the truffles and keep the money

 In Alabama: The children look out for the local short-eared long-tailed Easter bunny  

watch out if you do, you'll find that it hisses

And In Heaven: the angel bears collect brightly colored eggs

so quit whining about the over commercialization of Easter, they even do it in heaven

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