Tuesday, March 29

Goin' to the Roadshow

Occasionally when shopping at thrift stores I come across a valuable little gem, now usually (If I don't want to keep it myself) I'll put it on Ebay, but this time, I think I'll wait for the roadshow to come to town, I think I can guess how it will go....

Them: "Welcome to the Roadshow, what do you have for us today"

Me: (lying) "I have a figurine which belonged to my great grandma, I can't remember who it is, but I"m sure it's old"

Them: (knowingly asking obvious questions)"Are there any details on the piece that really come out to you?"

Me:(still lying) "It's been around all my life, but there are two markings on the front which I've recently noticed, and think might be significant"

Them: "Exactly! now if you'll notice, what really shows the age of this guy is that both marks are there, this captain is really old"

Me: (exasperated) "so cut to the chase.... What's it worth???"

Me: "WHOOOOO!!!! Gettin' my Vette' "

(Dedicated to my three year old nephew, Elias who has been loving this show as long as I can remember)

Follow up: a reader shared this photo of the apprasal of a rarer and more valuable model of this antique 


  1. Yeah, its bizarre how much he likes that show. : )

  2. I question the appraiser you spoke with.

    Clearly, there is an "A" on the man's jacket. I would imagine that while that could stand for "Antique", it could also stand for Admiral, which brings me to my second comment...

  3. I saw another episode of "Antiques Roadshow" that featured the much more valuable variant figure of this Admiral.

    I'll save you the time of searching out the image, as I have linked it here:

  4. Anonymous, wow, thank you for the heads up, I went ahead and posted the photo for the convenience of the followers


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