Wednesday, April 6

Vested Interest

All my life I have been fascinated by the ambitions of the once humble vest, a clothing item originally worn by the meekest of people as only a place to keep their watches

 It  slowly became a clothing item of it's own, not merely part of a suit, but a rugged being, full of presence!!

(when I was taking a photo of this, a 50 something beer bellied T-shirt tucked into his belt-less slacks walked up, asked me if I was buying it [I answered no] grabbed it and asked the cashier how much it cost [9.99 really] than bought it)

 now unafraid, it became the trademark of many boisterous characters

(I could swear, my sister used to own this vest)

 and finally it has risen to become not just a clothing item, but a walking art form

Thank you for reading, and please send in your pictures of awesomely bad thrift store finds


  1. Please don't spoil it by answering with specifics, but does this mean you have a "checklist" of items to search out at thrift stores?

    I'm sure that us readers will grow to learn the trends. So far we have:


    Keep up the photo collecting! ^_^

  2. You should have bought that furry vest - you know, just in case you ever needed to dress up as a Mongolian warrior's grandmother.

  3. Check out this vest!


  4. Mikey, that vest is awesome, it really is, the vests are actually kind of a fluke, but there are some particular collections, yes, stay tuned though, for a large variety of "goods" to enjoy

  5. i enjoy that vest and i like the super geeky guy wearing it as well! high five dude!


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