Wednesday, June 27

Candied Bacon Sundaes - Recipe

OK So It's time to finally share the recipe Candied Bacon Sundaes 


These are very easy, and very addicting 

You will need:
  • 2 Strips of Bacon/Person
  • Brown Sugar 
  • Course Ground Black Pepper
  • Vanilla Ice cream
  • Thin Caramel Sauce (Like Hershey's)
  • Whipping Cream

First you make the bacon:
  1. Lay the bacon out on a cooling rack over a cookie sheet.
  2. sprinkle brown sugar and black pepper generously

I borrowed this picture, it is so well photographed

      3. Bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes, sugar will caramelize

At this point you have already made something which will cause angels to weep with joy

But we aren't done yet!

Next chop the bacon into 1/2 inch strips and layer 1 slice worth under and 1 over a big scoop of vanilla ice cream

lightly drizzle caramel sauce and top with whipped cream and a large piece of the bacon

Yeah it's pretty awesome

Friday, June 15

Fedora Cake

If anyone asks, I'll explain how I did it

Thursday, May 10

Minecraft Cake

I've never played the game but I made this cake for a Minecraft obsessed friend it was surprisingly easy to make the fondant, but hard to make everything square

Wednesday, March 14

Happy White Day!

For those of you who somehow do not know, today (March 14th, is White Day)
It is often said to be a candy company scam in Asia where it is celebrated, however, in our household it is sweet and meaningful, (it also helps to avoid valentines day gifting conflicts)

This is what I did for my wife this year

 Thanks to pinterest I made funfetti donuts, homemade Twix,  tuxedo strawberries, and a not pictured salt dough hand print painted opalescent white.
The  Twix Bars were really easy and taste amazing

oh yeah I also made a 

White chocolate drizzled; pretzel, nut and candy coated; dark chocolate covered, caramel apple

Yeah, it's amazing

Happy White Day!

Thursday, February 9

More cool stuff I have been working on

Lemon arrangement for my birthday =)

Valentine cookies for primary 

Tuesday, February 7

If a thing is worth doing...

It's worth overdoing!

Homemade, pink, "butter, garlic and basil crouton" harts, for valentines day!

Easy and fast, I made enough for a party of 50 in under an hour, it would take about 20 minutes (mostly cooking time) to do enough for a family or couple.

Saturday, January 21

Ducky Two Face

OK, so I had a ton of white (ish -colors got mixed a bit) frosting left over from a cookie party my wife was at on Wednesday, so I figured it was time to pull out the cake pan we bought 4 years ago and use it for the first time, I was going to just make it normal, but one half was all funky (the cake didn't quite rise enough) so I decided to just go with it.

What do you think? 

(BTW. I have limited cake tools and even more limited decorating experience)
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