Thursday, June 30

Cowboy Culture

What's more American than cowboys?

sitting around the campfire

Singing about how great a country we have

 How our carousel horses go right to left, 

not just any clown can be a cowboy

it takes a special kind to do it

Tuesday, June 28


The 4th of July is coming up,  you know what that means...

that's right!

Patriotic Teddy bears!

what better way to show your love for a country than by making a teddy bear out of it's flag!

Show that proud to be an American spirit!

I love America too, little bear!  

 no greater sign of love than a patriotic lady liberty display

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Monday, June 27

So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Man, they really do make commemorative plates for everything.

Friday, June 24

These Were a Few of Her Favorite Things...

 I have 3 sisters, one that is about a decade older, one about a decade younger and one that is only 2 years older, 

The perfect age for both common ground and rivalry, 

anyway since she was older she had to be cooler, right?

I thought so, at least usually...I mean, she was still a girl after all

Moving on...

 One of my earliest memories of her being cool was when she memorized Dr Seuss, probably for school

She Knew the Sneetches by heart

and there was that time when she was in high school  before I was and had to get up earlier and discovered the awesomeness of ...
 I really liked that she wasn't too cool to like kid stuff

Ohh, ok, this one I just couldn't  get into, no matter how hard I tried,

Pure pre-teen girl drivel, especially the TV show, (and I could even sit through Charles in Charge)

and lastly I have here one of her all time favorite movies, she would watch it nearly every week
after years of looking, I finally found her a copy on DVD, I got it for her birthday last year,  these memories are what she gets this year


Thursday, June 23

Children of the Corn Husks

Meet Malicaiah and her sisters

they want to take you to a "special" part of the cornfeild

Wednesday, June 22

Seat of Honor

Thank you to everyone who decided to be understandng about me being buisy lately, and forever perhaps,

You Get To Sit in the "Special Chair!"

I only let people really like sit here.

sorry, it looks like I'm Bear-ly trying again but please take a Brief paws to Bear in mind my Grizzly situation

*still willing to accept assitance with the blog

Tuesday, June 21

You're Late...

Sorry the post was late, there are new life chalanges that are probably going to make me need to post less often, if anyone wants to join me as a poster, that would be great!

let me know

Monday, June 20

Kitchen Wars

Name 2 things that cant (or shouldn't) be meshed, 

lets try 

Star Wars and Cooking

OK, first of all, you have no imagination 
 it would be awesome, 

and secondly it has been done (awesomely I might add)  by highbrow company William Sonnoma  

check out their whole line here

Here are some things I've come across with varying degrees of awesomeness 

 A plastic bust of Darth Vader

  actually not a bad replica (if not that kitchen-y)

but wait, there's more....

not particularly useful, but better than a cardboard box

 it's also a storage container for cereal

Here we have the absolute best slurpee cup ever, 

now I just need to re-design the cup holders
 Finally, the most awe inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, impressive, magnificent, majestic, mind blowing, perfect, wonderful (ran out of synonyms) cookbook in the universe:


Featuring such favorites as Han-Burgers, Hoth Chocolate, and Boba Fett-uccine 

What unlikely blends have you come across,

please tell me in the comments

Sunday, June 19

For All The Dad's Out There

Anyone who's looking knows, it's a woman's world, 

Let's raise a glass to Dad, 

 You deserve a rest from all the man bashing

and food induced coma's

 Enjoy a nice dinner

Finally plates without flowers

 You are the..

Dedicated to my father, 

Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 18

Something For The Den

Finally the perfect thing to go with his stuffed moose head

and that singing fish

it's the "Golf Bag Lamp"

available in multiple styles, to match your decor 

Try to find the set that looks most like his

These valuable additions to your den will look just as beautiful in the garage and finally the dumpster when he's not looking

Friday, June 17

Fathers Day Gift Tips

Fathers Day is only 2 days away, and if you're like most people you haven't even thought about decided what to get dear old dad so I thought, since I have one, (and I'm a dad myself)  I'd chime in with 4 things to remember.

1. Remember that dad is a kid at heart.

So he should totally love his own dollar store teddy bear

2. Dad likes things that can do more than one thing.

"Look dad, it's a lamp, and a coaster holder, and a duck!"

3.  Dads who are forced to dress up for work love to show their individuality through ties.

"My dad thinks it's still the  70's"
"My dad misses Apple 2"

And Finally 

 4. Dad's like when you know what they are interested in.

"look daddy, I made it super pretty, just for you"

Thursday, June 16


There are some evil old people out there, but this takes the cake

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) [noun] Pathology : a chronic degenerative, often episodic disease of the central nervous system marked by patchy destruction of the myelin that surrounds and insulates nerve fibers, usually appearing in young adulthood and manifested by one or more mild to severe neural and muscular impairments, as spastic weakness in one or more limbs, local sensory losses, bladder dysfunction, or visual disturbances.

 ...And you always thought they were so sweet...


Wednesday, June 15

Mistakes of Our Past

There are things that I don't think people will ever understand, one of these things is old fashion trends 

for example...

Applique sweaters

Lacy clown collars for formal dresses

Knit "most-embarrassing-thing-my-grandma-ever-made-that-I-had-to-wear-in-public" T-shirt Yokes

I-spent-the-least-amount-of-time-possible-crocheting-this vests

that is one hot potato sack
??? The ultimate in fashion fun! ???

wow! that is fun

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