Thursday, April 21

It's in the baggage or Say uncle

I think all of my uncles are either dead or divorced from the family, but I still had to deal with creepy ones when I was young (not all were, just most) 
They would come around every couple of years and pretend that they were well loved parts of the family. One of the things that they always did was bring each of us a "gift"

no, thankfully not this

Often the things one in particular "brought" were obviously as stolen as the regestration sticker on his pickup. I remember at least one occasion my siblings and I all got together to ask our parents when we could throw away the gifts

who is the target audience for this exactly?
There was also the occation when a few hours after he arived, one uncle called us over "remembering" he forgot presents, and proceded to give each of us something that was already ours he had seen us playing with... 

as Charlie Sheen would say: "Winning!"

just cross a duck with Frankenstein and a paper bag and voila

 but perhaps the worst thing about when those uncles came over would be the unavoidable, creepy, awkward hug...

"ahh luuuvvvv yewww soooooo muchhhh"
oh the memories


  1. Lol at the creepy, awkward hugs. Facing one this weekend!

  2. should i be thankful that the last creepy uncle i had passed away a couple of years ago?...(cuz i am) :p


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