Friday, April 22

Easter's of Yester-Year

When I was a a kid we had these weird plastic bunny "baskets" that were kinda like giant Easter eggs (or should I say "Spring Spheres") and every year another one was broken, crushed under piles of Easter flotsam, this is exactly what they looked like:
no, that photo wasn't from a thrift store, they never would have made it, but the next one is:

These baskets were the replacements for the prior ones, and nothing seemed to break these, which is a shame, we didn't really like them but it does explain why they still turn up at thrift stores

and who's Easter is complete without excessive references and plugs for Bambi
here we have Thumper and a cross between Bambi and Wile E Coyote

or  especially his friend Thumper
What really gets me is that this is a licensed toy sold at Disneyland

For reference this is how they looked in the movie

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