Wednesday, April 13

The New Fad Diet

By now, everyone has heard of the grapefruit diet, the tapeworm diet the ice cream diet and many others, but these fad diets don't change the root of the problem! which is, you have an unhealthy relationship with food, now we aren't a bunch of dr's or anything, so we won't try to fix it, what we will do is change it! 

That's right, we'll give you a new unhealthy relationship with food, that doesn't involve restrictions or requirements, just revulsion 

Some people are more guilt driven (but we don't go with the 'you're fat because you ate that' no we go for the 'you inhuman beast, how could you hurt such sweet innocent creatures?')

for instance, how could you digest the friends and family of poor S'mortomer here?

or break up this sweet little family?

The Nestle Morsel family; Scottie, Semi-Sweetie, L'll Bits, and cousin Milky 

Others will be deterred by pity

Would you allow your gluttony to destroy the chance for all to become

One Smart Cookie

The rest will be turned by simple fear!!

Just remember, under that plain silver wrapper this may be lurking!


Bon Appetit!

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