Saturday, April 30

Reliving My Childhood

As a kid, I think nearly everyone who grew up in the 80's wanted to own a full set of "Care Bears" I personally never owned any, my wife had a homemade one, my brother (the same one who went on to love Star Trek) owned a small (6-8 inch) grumpy bear  and one year for Christmas my mom and grandma spent all night sewing at least 10 from this set for him

We played with those floppy flat bears for years

well, about a year ago, when my kid still didn't spend any time with the electric babysitter (he still really doesn't) we hooked him on "The Care Bears Movie" 

it was the only thing he wanted to watch, 

he wanted to watch it multiple times a day, 

things are better here, but there is still an undercurrent of CB love, as you can see...

Top to bottom,  Playful-Heart Monkey, Tender-Heart, Share Bear, Christopher, Good-Luck Bear, Lots-a-Heart Elephant, Work of Heart, Daydream, Funshine and Cheer Bear

at about an average price of $1 a bear(/monkey/elephant etc...) I can drown my child in what I wish I had, for less than the cost of  a single of them when they were new

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