Thursday, May 5

Creepy Clown Olympics Dolls Devision (please vote again)

Welcome once again to what is certainly the greatest compilation of our time,  this week we find ourselves face to face with the most insidious of clowns, the clown doll..

Here to start us off is Raggedy Kevin, as you can see he's a bit of a ladies man 

"Hey girls, Did you hear the latest health report? You need to increase your daily intake of vitamin me."

Next we have Stripie the Clown (he asks you to ignore his receding hairline, since he's "vintage")

"I’m at an age when my back goes out more than I do."   

At the other end of the age spectrum is Baby Face, who says she feels most at home in the cradle

"I've told you five times what cow says. If you can't remember,
I'm not telling you again."

Finally, we have Fleecy a grassroots entrant

"While you are away
My heart comes undone
Slowly unravels
In a ball of yarn"

OK now it's up to you, please pick out the clown you'd least like to snuggle with and leave your answer in the comments or on Facebook, thank you, results on Monday


  1. okay, it's a tie between Raggedy Kevin and Fleecy. Kevin for not only his creepy look, but his cheesy (albeit funny) pick-up lines and Fleecy cuz (call me cruel) but i've never had a thing for cher and the mask...

  2. Totally Fleecy. Might want to check the crawlspace of whoever knitted him/her.

  3. ooohhh...good call @scrapyard!

  4. I still like Carrot Jackson the best... but from these competitors, I'll side with everybody else and say Fleecy.

  5. Let's call that first one "Raggedy Eddie", or "Dilated Eyes Thompson" or something. Kevin is not a funny name.

  6. I know it makes me a terrible mother, but Stripie reminds me of my daughter.

    I like that one the best, but I am biased, as it really looks just like my little Janet.

  7. Re: Beth - your daughter?
    I guess Stripie is kinda cute, like the old man from Up, but I wouldn't recommend either for children.

    Fleecey, obviously.

  8. Kevin is a HILARIOUS name!!! I choose Raggedy Kevin.

  9. Eddie is just mad because he has AIDS.

    Mr. Onederful, can you delete the offensive "Kevin" image, and change my vote to Stripie?

  10. Mr. Onederful, will you please change Raggedy Kevin's name to Keviny Kevin? Thats' much funnier.

    Sounds like somebody needs to turn their pouty frown upside down (Kevin, I'm looking at you)

    I like the blog and really love the clowns.


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