Friday, April 15

"Boardgames of My Past..."

I grew up with multiple brothers and sisters, (no that didn't mean there was always someone to play with, but there often was) and though it didn't seem like it, we must have owned quite a few board games, because I used to play all of these a lot, and have been excited to find each of these at the thrift store for my own personal collection.

ah, the classic french game...
yes I could go out and buy an English only modern copy of this, but how cool to find this in nearly perfect condition, my brother and I would play this a lot, but be careful, it says 2-4 players, but if you try it with 4 or more, sometimes 3, this quick fun game can take as long as monopoly (and not be fun)

 I have a sister who is 10 years older than me, so we had some slightly more challenging period games, for some reason, it was always hard to get people to play this one with me
 Actually it still is

I remember one rainy day when my mother pulled this game out of the garage, (it was an old game then) I wondered where it came from, since we complained of being bored often, and why she was holding out... but I digress
this game is awesome, everyone says it's like the opposite of Monopoly, (it isn't, it's more like the opposite of Life) you win by being the first person to loose 1 million dollars

OK this one is great, it's better than most "success" games, at least of it's day, since the goal isn't simply to finish the richest (aka Monopoly, Life, Pay Day, etc...)   you also need points from being happy and famous, it includes jobs like Politician, Sports Hero, Big Business, and Medicine

I will forever regret the time I saw and didn't purchuse "Careers For Women" a spin-off for little girls, the jobs included; secretary, nurse, teacher, and housewife

This game has taken me forever to find, I almost thought I must have imagined it, I remember playing it, (and always wanting to get the moose head and dress form pieces for some reason) but I have no idea where it came from or where it went
it's a game where you go through the junk of four people's houses and need to "hunt" for everything you need

do you remember a great board game? tell me about it in the comments


  1. Scavenger Hunt sounds like one of my favorite past times.... going to an estate sale.

    DO you know of any games that are thrift store or garage sale related??

  2. I've never played it, but there is a game called driveway deals, a board game with no set course for the pawns

    I'd love to come across a copy


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