Friday, April 1

A Correction/ My 80's Childhood

A public apology...  I'm sorry to everyone out there who loves clowns, I let someone else write the blog yesterday, and as you can see they have a vendetta,  I love clowns so much I actually am one! Here's a really good photo of me!


(naahh I'm just kidding, but doesn't this guy look creepy, I'd hate to be in a room alone with him *shudder*)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

 When I was growing up my siblings and I were super into "Muppet Babies"
Somehow as children we felt the need to identify with specific characters, so my brother was Kermit, my sister was Miss Piggy and I was Fozzy. (which is funny because now i can hardly stand him, but I guess they never make Rowlf stuff, which is a pitty)

 Probably because my mother worked at a pizza place before I was born, we didn't seem to have it very much, (or maybe it was because as a kid having pizza every other day wouldn't seem like very much) anyway, when we did, it was always awesome, even if it was gross...

I think we may have gotten Domino's once or twice, but we always wanted to go there because of the commercials of the Noid
we used to rent NES games all the time, and it was a subject of deep sadness that we could never find this game:

(Sorry it's the shortest clip I could find)

And Finally... when I was 3 or 4 years old this was my favorite TV show hands down.  I desperately wanted a Teddy Ruxpin of my very own, but of course, with the original MSRP of $70and being child #4 it wasn't in the cards for me. I could have had thus set for less than $10, but I think I'm finally over the need for a toy that functions with a cassette tape...
About that actually,  my wife's sister (who is much older than her) bought this set for her  when said sister hit the big-time. 

At some point my wife lost the only cassette tape she had for Teddy, but she still wanted to use him, so she put in MC Hammer's "2Legit." 
Sadly the mouth only kept time with the beat and not the words.

Thanks for reading, and we'll have more about her 80's childhood next week

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