Saturday, April 2

Nike Max Air

I have a terrible time finding shoes that come in my size, I have an even harder time finding shoes that I like in my size, so I keep an eye out everywhere, even if I don't really need new shoes, recently I found a pair of "Nike Air Max" shoes at the local Salvation Army, lo-and-behold, they were size 14, I had my kid in tow and so I couldn't try them on without needing to clean half the store afterwards, but I figured, if somehow they didn't fit, I could hopefully sell them for at least the $6 they cost, so I bought them, and they didn't fit, I put them up on E-bay and . . .

with shipping, I made about $57 (shipping cost about $10) 

oh and it was a bogo, I also got these sweet Vans for my kid, 

Keep looking, there are some great deals out there.

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