Friday, April 29


When I was a kid, my family (particularly my father and two sibblings) were super into Star Trek, we would gather together as a family at 6 each Sunday to watch the newest episode of the current series

There are 2 nerd terms that I'm aware of in star trek fandom; Trekkie and Trekker

 Aas I understand it, I am a Trekkie, I've seen the majority of episodes from most of the series's and I'm familiar with many of the main characters and their relationships to each other

My brother on the other hand is a Trekker, if he was more outgoing, he would have probably owned a costume to wear to his Star Trek conventions, (I did accompany him to two of them, and an anime convention too, which was much better)
Tim Russ' mom was at one of these events (he's from my hometown)

In fact, my brother could name all of the characters that weren't named in the show, he collected (and still has) multiple thousand "Star Trek the Collectable Card Game" cards

source  He would also correctly recite the "stats" of the characters during the show, and comment on how useful they would be during game play        

 but perhaps the oddest thing that my family did, in relation to star trek, was have the occasional birthday for a character where my father would buy the plastic figurine of the character for the cake
For some reason, Nelix one of the most annoying characters was one of my favorites



  1. What is the difference between a "trekkie" and a "trekker"? Is a Trekker more of a hardcore fan?

  2. The Imaginary TherapistApril 29, 2011 at 3:48 PM

    As an imaginary therapist that pretends to know the individuals involved in your personal story, perhaps your brothers interest in Star Trek was a way of breaching the differences, and seeking acceptance with your father.

    One could also suggest, that his interest in Anime was a form of giving up on this kind of acceptance with his father, and following his own path --- one that would inevitably be scorned by his father.

    But what do I know? I don't know the individuals, and I'm imaginary.


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