Saturday, April 23

Easter Goodies

For as much as I make fun of them, I actually have an odd obsession with buying decorative plates, I have dozens of plates that are really good for only one or two occasions a year, here are some examples:

I bought this for $7 and it is so adorable I don't even mind that it's not really possible to put away

just ended eBay auction for an identical one was $40 with shipping

and this is adorable and perfect for the over the top tea parties my wife and I have was amazing at only $4

currently going for $25-30 with shipping on eBay

But my current exciting find was these books we'll be distributing as prizes tomorrow at the family easter party

Nursery Crime Novels, Buy a copy for next to nothing at Amazon

only $1 a copy, I bought them out

Do you have awesome yet impossible to store holiday dishes? tell me about it in the comments

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