Friday, April 8

My Wife's 80's Childhood

Hi, this is Mr. Onederful, I usually write the posts here, but sometimes my wife (Mrs. Onederful) is able to help out, so here is her past, through the thrift store filter:

When I was a kid, Cabbage Patch kids were HUGE! 

So huge that grown-ups were getting them and introducing them as their own children! I remember birthday parties for them.
Anyway, I could never get one. I saw friends getting them for their birthday and I would covet like nobody's business. 
So, when I saw one of these under my best friend's Christmas tree (I didn't know what they were) she said they were pets for Cabbage Patch Kids, I had to have one!


I didn't get one of these either. 
I finally got a CPK... when I was 11, really too old to have one. 
Oh well...

Up next, the Human Bean...we had a few of these in various forms around my house for a while when I was young. My mom loved them. She would often use their little slogans (written like tattoos on their nekked little bodies) as her personal slogans.

 It was weird sometimes.

As a kid of the 80's, I also coveted Care Bears.

 Once again I could not have one until I was too old.

My mom bought it for me at the grocery store.

My parents did try to make it up to me by making a Care Bear. I wanted Cheer Bear (the one on the left is the original version) but what I got (since it was my birthday) was a hand-made Birthday Bear in Cheer Bear colors (the one on the right). Now, you may ask yourself (or me),"How on Earth are these two bears similar?!" You see, my Teddy (aka bear on the right) has received nothing but my undying love for nearly 30 years now. The bear on the left (aka the real Cheer Bear Care Bear) is the bear I never had. 

No... That doesn't really explain how they are alike, but that's all I got.

And of course, you can't have lived in the 80's without mention of Olivia Newton-John. I thought she was "totally tubular!" 

When her song (and badly done video) "Let's Get Physical" came out, I knew all the words and moves. When my parents caught me reenacting the video to the song on the radio, they asked if I knew what the song was about. "Sure I do," I said, "she's doing one of those Jazzercize videos like the ones on early morning tv! ...duh!"

Ah, youth.

This is Mr. Onederful again; please share your memories of yesteryear in the comments. Stay tuned next week for "Boardgames of My Past..."

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