Tuesday, April 26

Shelf Life

I think I figured out what the Easter bunny does in his off season (you  know to pay for all the eggs and candy)

My wife and I recently started participating in one of those farm to house produce programs,the food always shows up at the doorstep, before we wake up and
and we didn't receive a shipment last week

Perhaps he was busy?
The program talks about how everything is locally grown, but if you look into the details some things come hundereds if not thousands of miles, 

The banana's are always green

"I prefer beautifully chartreuse"

However the 3 pounds of Broccoli we got last time seemed quite happy on the shelf until we used it

One of the best parts of the program is we can exclude things we don't want, 

we asked not to receive any corn

"he tries to hide it but, it makes him sad"

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