Saturday, May 28

Happy Tree Friends

As a rule I hate to buy things at thrift stores to re-sell on the internet, 
I usually don't get a great return on things I buy for that purpose, but over the next few weeks I'll share a few exceptions I've made, and you can watch with me as the items become valuable, or not... 

This week I was at the thrift store and I came across a very niche toy,

 This is Flippy
 He's called that for obvious reasons

 It's a toy from a show called "Happy Tree Friends" (I can't recommend the show) as far as I understand, flippy is one of the least disturbing charactures, 

anyway, I do have friends who enjoy the show, and knowing of it's relative obsucrity, I was shocked to find this toy in mint condition for a paltry 69 cents, a check on the interweb shows a recent eBay sale of an identical item:

$52! even including shipping, that would sure be nice, so lets all watch together with bated breath at my very similar auction:

check it out live here

Results next week!
Wish me luck, and if you or your friends are into the show, feel free to bid on it!


  1. Interesting note, Flippy is actually considered the *most* disturbing character, which is why he was popular enough to get a stuffed version made.

    I could explain why he is called that, but discussing this show at all is not family friendly in the slightest.

    I do hope the auction goes well though. I'll keep watching it. ^_^

  2. Touche' actuially, I should have been more acurate, he's the least disturbing to look at

  3. Sadly my father bidded on this item and lost he had it for only a few seconds :( I'm still searching tho and I hope another shows up somewhere somehow ^^


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