Monday, May 9

No More Rhymes Now (And I Mean It)

History Lesson!

The origins of mother goose (at least in name) trace back to Charlemagne's mother, Bertha, who was called Queen Goosefoot, (for her large feet).

The Piggy that goes to market was never intended to be eaten, you may all breath again.

The Cinderellic origins of turning into a pumpkin after a designated hour come from first century author Seneca, who wrote the text "On the Pumpkinification of Claudius."

Many believe that the old woman who lived in a shoe was a reference to King George, (who began the fashion of wearing powdered wigs and was nick named "the old woman").

And Finally

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, is likely a "modern" re-telling of a Norse legend (├×rymskvi├░a) in which Thor dresses as a woman to get his hammer back, and his various features are described as unladylike. 

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