Friday, May 27

Rainy Day Recess

 I grew up (and live) in California, when I was in elementary school we had an outdoor campus,

it was a big deal when we had "rainy days"

(school was probably a living hell for teachers since they had to stay in the classrooms during all of their breaks and babysit)

I in contrast would practically run to school for the sheer joy of
"rainy-day recesses" blissfully unaware of their un-volunteered sacrifices

(that's right, my parents nearly always made my siblings and I walk to school, even when it was raining)

as an attempt to ward off our bad behavior caused by boredom, most teachers had a "rainy-day closet" full of games and educational toys,

I swear every one of my teachers had a copy of this, but since it was only released on rainy days it was one of the first things taken, no matter what grade I was in.

sometimes the teachers had the for thought to bring an innocuous video (usually a Disney one) from home, the really smart teachers kept a few in the classroom "just in case"
Robin Hood was a great option, there was one teacher that kept forgetting to bring anything else so we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol a couple times that year
If they didn't have any movies, most teachers would try to keep us interested/calm with a book

when all else failed, quiet "reading" with a personal book, though most kids picked activity books like magic eye books (I still don't get those) or look and find books
where's Waldo?
So teacher, thank you, even though you  blame the tension in the room on the weather, I don't blame you, I would hate to be on your side of the fence...

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