Tuesday, May 10

The SPCA Thrift Store

As you have probably noticed at the top of the page, since I spend so much time at thrift stores I figured I may as well hand out some useful information,

This week I went to a store I've not been to before, the "SPCA Thrift Store" 

At first I wondered just who exactly first thinks of donating to take care of animals*, versus say, cancer research, or the homeless

When I  went in, it became abundantly clear.....

Cat Ladies!!!
 Of Course!

Cat ladies would be think first of the SPCA, to bestow all of their .... umm .... treasures

Don't forger there are also "Puppy Moms"

the thing that really gets me is how much this resembles a storm trooper mask


maybe it's just me...

in any case, I figure, if you want to shell out a few barks to help some pawesome animals, nothing could make you feel more purr-fect

*My dog is an SPCA rescue dog and I highly recommend it

1 comment:

  1. i didn't realize how much that dog really DID look like a storm trooper's mask!!! ....weird....


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