Friday, May 20

My 90's Childhood

It's not that I want to appear older than I am, I really don't care about that, (I'm 28) 

(I think childhood ends around age 16)

No... it's because the 80's get such a bad rap, and I like them so much that I don't like to admit that there were other formative years in my past, 

But since there were a few really great things in the 90's here are some that really influenced me (in a good way)

 Tiny Toons

Way back before everyone had cable, (in the days of the caveman) my siblings and I would rush to get our homework done (or perhaps lie and say it was) so we could watch Tiny Toons, it reached us in a way the old Loony Toons just couldn't, but mostly I credit it for introducing us to They Might Be Giants

 Saved By The Bell

Perhaps some of my siblings will deny it, but we would all also gather for Saved By The Bell, it was a terrible show, but a great portrait of 90's teen culture, and under all of that mediocre dialog were some captivating story lines, 
Don't deny it, I know you watched the "Wedding in Las Vegas" episode to see Zack and Kelly finally get married.

 The Animaniacs

Yet another example of a show that my brother, sister and I associated ourselves with individual characters, I didn't mind being Wacko, except that he burps so much...

and finally, a non-TV reference:

Ranger Rick

 Like all good little boy's and girls, we went every 6 months to the dentist, and most of the time to avoid the intense boredom of waiting for 2 hours to get through the whole family, we had 2 options "Highlights For Children" (which even as a child I found inane) and "Ranger Rick" magazine, if there weren't enough copies we would impatiently look at the lame mag while waiting for the others to finish, which took a while because it was the first magazine I read cover to cover.

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  1. Wow. I'm a little older than you (33) but I remember those exact same things. I'm planning to get dvd box sets of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs for my kid when he gets older.

    Particle man, particle man, particle man hates triangle man..


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