Friday, May 13

The Hugga-Bunch Effect

Few things in life have the staying power of "The Hugga Bunch Movie."

The plot summery (A girl travels through her mirror into HuggaLand to find a way to keep her grandmother—the only one who knows how to hug—young.) though cloyingly sweet, is useless to those of us affected.

I personally had seen the movie probably only once in my early childhood, and I didn't remember the dolls at all.

What I did remember was a mountain of (cardboard) books with a "book-worm" who lived there, and a scene where a witch dies because her hand is caught beneath a glass bell which had a tree inside,with magic fruit

This is the character known as Tweaker - really

It took me well over a decade of looking for the movie to find it, which is not surprising given that I remembered perhaps the most horrific scene found in any main-stream little girl and puppet movie. 

What is surprising is that when I went onto the internet to look for the video (unsuccessfully, about 5 years ago) I found that there are hundreds or thousands of people who have had the same experience, weird memories and nobody else they described it to having any idea what they were talking about.

Here's the movie on YouTube, if you need the closure


So now, if you too were plagued by this demon, you may also be free.
Happy Friday

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