Thursday, May 19

Creepy Clown Olympics Figurine Division

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Welcome to the last division of the quarterly Creepy Clown Olympics, next week we will pick our quarterly finalist 

lets see who we've got this week-

 First up is Ned Norbels, who seems a bit put off by that doll behind him
golly gee,  I wish I hadn't been picked first

Next we have Kinko, who really needs to learn how to share

"Ahh my leg!!"

And better with dogs here is Gacy, who would juggle for us, if he could find the third ball
"I don't see what the last guy's problem is, so the dog bites your leg, big deal"

And last of all is Loofa who says it's not important if he wins, as long as he still gets plenty of time with the children.

"maybe this would work better if we sat a little closer"

OK, you know the drill, results on Monday,  followed by voting for the creepiest clown of the quarter.


  1. I'll vote for Ned.

    Two reasons -
    One, Carrot Jackson isn't an option.
    Two. everybody else this week has a dog. Maybe Ned is lonely, and needs a vote instead.

  2. okay, these are all creepy except maybe Ned who's just a little lost...Loofa though made me throw up a little in my mouth so i guess i will go with him. i don't really know why, it's just something about him...

  3. Definitely Loofa. So creepy, it requires intervention.


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