Thursday, May 26

Creepy Clown Quarter Finals

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it's coming close to the time you were all dreading, the time when we pit clown against clown in a massacre of grease paint and glitter


Our quarterly finalists are; in order of their previous wins:

Coming to get your children from the bottom of the toy box we have  


"would you like to play an incredibly intense game of go fish?"

And crawling up from under the bed while they sleep is 


"Santa's not the only one who sees you while you're sleeping"

Watching you from grandma's curio is  


"I've been here a long time, and I'm not going anywhere"

And finally, touching old and young alike, in that special way, is  


"I'm honored to be here, but I still only want to spend personal time with children"

For the quarterly winner, voting will be open for a full week, please vote before 9pm Wednesday June 1st"


  1. Oof! All of them make my flesh crawl, but Loofa makes me want to hide my kid, hide my husband, cuz he's creepin everybody out in this house!!

  2. Can I write in for Carrot Jackson?

    If not, I'll go with Loofa.

    Here are some Loofa thoughts:

    1. Why is his wig created in such a way that it looks like a pathetic clown costume? Surely it would have been easier to create it as a more professional looking clown.

    2. Why does that tiny straw hat exist? It's clearly too small for Loofa, and it doesn't look like it would fit the child either. I know what you're thinking = it's for the dog - but he already has a hat.

    3. Why does the boys shirt have those lines? Was he just mauled by a bear?

    4. Where does Loofa's knee end, and the dog's collar start?

    5. Is that a homeless boy with a bindle at his feet?

    6. Why does this whole scene take place upon a cookie?

  3. i agree that they are all creepy and those are pretty good questions i would like answered...but i think for me, the creepiest creep here is binkels. the close up is a little too close up for me...*(shudders*)


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