Wednesday, June 8

That's Just Sick

As I have mentioned before, I'm from California,

we've had some "unseasonably" cool and recently wet weather, and I for one love it

actually, while I was at a thrift store this week I overheard a couple of store volunteers discussing how Armageddon must be upon us for there to be rain as late in the season as June (in the Sacramento valley it pretty much doesn't rain in the summer) apparently they forgot that is was like this last year too,

Anyway there has been one problem with all of this cool wet weather:

Uncommonly cute common cold (find them at Think Geek)

This guy has been showing up alot more often than usual

But you can avoid looking like this

Chaplin involved in a child bride scandal?

as long as you remember to wash up
"watch out I'm slippery"

 Now go wash your hands!

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