Wednesday, June 1

Cuz' I Am Bear-ly Breathin'...

One of the first important things in a person's conscious life is their teddy bear, perhaps it is this love from earliset recolection that causes people to go too far
I know, somebody out there must have felt that fabric just doesn't capture enough emotion
"What did they do to me?!?"
But why would you want to have a bear that does a good job of showing dismay?

I for one feel that Teddy is too innocent to be a dealer

"I don't mind, pick a card"
 but at least that's better than snuggling up to a Roman dictator who had countless Christians put to death...

"I say this costume is thumbs up"
at the same time, I feel it is possible to go too far to the opposite extreme...

"don't worry I'm ready for the last guy"

I just pray people can figure it out.



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