Thursday, June 9

Making Babies

My son is growing up, it makes me sad,

we just got him this car bed and he doesn't want to snuggle at night anymore, just jump right into bed

I've always wanted this too, still living vicariously

It got me thinking,  it probably wont be too long till he asks THAT question, so I've asked my good friend Shotgun Red to field it for me...

 "well you see... when a "toymaker" decides to bring more babies into the world... well ... there's arms and legs everywhere...

umm no wait let me start again." ... "When a doll starts giving you those 'bedroom eyes'...

 "no, umm ... when mommy and daddy aren't expecting it, a baby sneaks into the bedroom in the middle of the night..."

"Ahh forget it, here's a book-"

Gee, thanks Shotgun

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