Friday, June 24

These Were a Few of Her Favorite Things...

 I have 3 sisters, one that is about a decade older, one about a decade younger and one that is only 2 years older, 

The perfect age for both common ground and rivalry, 

anyway since she was older she had to be cooler, right?

I thought so, at least usually...I mean, she was still a girl after all

Moving on...

 One of my earliest memories of her being cool was when she memorized Dr Seuss, probably for school

She Knew the Sneetches by heart

and there was that time when she was in high school  before I was and had to get up earlier and discovered the awesomeness of ...
 I really liked that she wasn't too cool to like kid stuff

Ohh, ok, this one I just couldn't  get into, no matter how hard I tried,

Pure pre-teen girl drivel, especially the TV show, (and I could even sit through Charles in Charge)

and lastly I have here one of her all time favorite movies, she would watch it nearly every week
after years of looking, I finally found her a copy on DVD, I got it for her birthday last year,  these memories are what she gets this year


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