Monday, June 20

Kitchen Wars

Name 2 things that cant (or shouldn't) be meshed, 

lets try 

Star Wars and Cooking

OK, first of all, you have no imagination 
 it would be awesome, 

and secondly it has been done (awesomely I might add)  by highbrow company William Sonnoma  

check out their whole line here

Here are some things I've come across with varying degrees of awesomeness 

 A plastic bust of Darth Vader

  actually not a bad replica (if not that kitchen-y)

but wait, there's more....

not particularly useful, but better than a cardboard box

 it's also a storage container for cereal

Here we have the absolute best slurpee cup ever, 

now I just need to re-design the cup holders
 Finally, the most awe inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, impressive, magnificent, majestic, mind blowing, perfect, wonderful (ran out of synonyms) cookbook in the universe:


Featuring such favorites as Han-Burgers, Hoth Chocolate, and Boba Fett-uccine 

What unlikely blends have you come across,

please tell me in the comments

1 comment:

  1. I actually have that cookbook! :-P And a second one as well. Yes, there are two. :-)


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