Friday, June 10

*When You Hear This Sound, Turn The Page"

 When I was a child my parents could rarely afford awesome stuff for the than 4 kids at home, but one awesome thing we had was this cassette player,

well an identical one anyway

I may not remember correctly but I believe that they gave it to the three of us that were under 8 on a night where there was a "grown up party" and wanted to keep us out of their hair. (sadly if this is what they did, I don't remember if it worked)
they also gave us these and many other awesome book/tapes to occupy our time:

severely shortened books about the movies with tiny snatches of the music, to make you long for watching the real thing,

This is a good example of a movie that I had "read" the book hundreds of times before seeing the movie (which I than judged to be really really long, which being over 2 hours in the 80's was I guess)

 Oh yeah!! I remember this one!

This was my absolute favorite of all, (I think because I thought it sounded fun to play with tar? I dunno) I listened to this all the time, and being so innocent, I had no concept of racism, eventuially at some point in my life the concepts of "tar babies" and "being racist" fnally came together, but it was still very hard for me to accept since it was so ingrained in me that he was just playing with tar, and the other guys were too stupid not to know what it was.

how about you, any favorite book/tape/record combos? 

how about not seeing racist/propaganda things for what they were till you grew up?

please tell me in the comments

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  1. I had a jungle book record that I loved. Until one day I thought it would be cool to hold an orange crayon on the record while it spun. Ah well...


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