Friday, June 17

Fathers Day Gift Tips

Fathers Day is only 2 days away, and if you're like most people you haven't even thought about decided what to get dear old dad so I thought, since I have one, (and I'm a dad myself)  I'd chime in with 4 things to remember.

1. Remember that dad is a kid at heart.

So he should totally love his own dollar store teddy bear

2. Dad likes things that can do more than one thing.

"Look dad, it's a lamp, and a coaster holder, and a duck!"

3.  Dads who are forced to dress up for work love to show their individuality through ties.

"My dad thinks it's still the  70's"
"My dad misses Apple 2"

And Finally 

 4. Dad's like when you know what they are interested in.

"look daddy, I made it super pretty, just for you"

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