Saturday, June 11


Wait, Shouldn't this be Saturday Success?  
yes, it should, but it isn't  :(

Last week I sold this: 

a cute lamp, comps were selling for $20 - $30 

This is how I did

To add insult to injury, I didn't charge enough for shipping and came out slightly behind (less than $1) 

this is why I don't speculate very often

But fear not!! I have another speculation today!


This week, I'm taking this load....

No, not to the dump...

To a community yard sale! 

it's only $15 for a spot, and they do all the advertizing, I hope it works out..

By the time you have read this I'll have gotten up at 5am, and spent a few hours cleaning and displaying my junk for others to buy, anything I don't sell will go to, (you guessed it) a thrift store! 

any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I really hate it when that happens on ebay :(
    I'm also off to a bootsale in the morning to try to make some cash. Hope you did well with your sales!


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