Saturday, June 4

Resuts / Fish and Boat Spinning Lamp

Well the Happy Tree Friend auction is over 

lets see how we did...

Time for some quick math (YAY!!!)

          0.69 Item Cost
          3.47 eBay item fee
          0.89 eBay Shipping fee
          1.71 PayPal fee
          9.47 Shipping Costs
          16.23 Total Cost

          48.45 Received
         -16.23 Total Cost
          32.22 Net Profit

4570% Profit from investment.  

 I am

Now it's time for this weeks auction~

 Fish and Boat Spinning Lamp

A few years ago I picked up a nearly identical lamp (it had stars and planets) next to a dumpster (no it wasn't gross) that sold on eBay for nearly $30 with shipping
alot like this
 I just paid 3.99 for this one at the thrift store  

lets see how it does...

Follow the auction here

*Special thanks to Mrs. Onederful for providing field research on Flippy

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