Friday, June 3

We're Gonna Rock Down To Electric ... Road?

As I have and will mention countless times, I love 80's music, this is probably why it drove me insane when I lived in Roanoke Virginia and I would almost daily drive past Electric Road...

Everyone knows it;'s Electric Avenue! I would get that song stuck in my head every time too, just like right now... *sigh*

Speaking of stuck in my head, as a kid of course I'd heard of WHAM! but I had no idea I liked them, (at least a few songs) I must have been at least 12 before I knew they did "Wake Me Up"

 And I was nearly 20 before I paid enough attention to realize that they also did "Last Christmas"

Now I know technicly this album came out in 1990, and it features alot of music from the 70's, but really how can anybody see David Bowie, and not think...

"Oh hey it's Jareth!" 

which leads me to

why would anyone buy this? Duh for run D.M.C.'s version of the Ghostbuster song~

update for Ann Nonomous who seems to not know Jareth here's a clip:

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