Tuesday, July 12

A Horse of a Different Color

 Like many people I  suffer from Equinophobia, not in a debilitating way, pictures don't bother me at all, way over there in that field, behind the fence, fine, but get me close enough to touch a horse, and I'm a sissy little girl., (Except sissy little girls LOVE horses, so like a sissy little girl in a cage with a snarling rabid dog.)

 In the past week I've had two big things come up in my life which have a lot to do with horses 

1. My wife introduced my son to Rainbow Brite, now he is now in love with that show

He keeps asking for the horsey show, and sequels when he sees Starlight

 2. I've finally reconnected with a family I used to know back in Virgina who raise and train horses


Pretty good eh?

This is not them, ...

which is good, because if I was stuck with those horses, I would probably die or worse, since the dad in the family is a therapist for people with irrational fears, he might foolishly claim I have an irrational fear and try to treat that, while I die (because the horse would eat me, duh).

1 comment:

  1. I was ambivalent towards horses until I started petting a stallion one day and he became aroused.
    Then I was just creeped out by them.


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