Sunday, March 27

Burger Time

The other day I was looking at one of those "you know you're from the 80's if..." things
and I saw this graphic ...

and I thought to myself

" I could really go for one of those giant burger platters at the local diner . . ."

umm no, see I really had something more three dimensional in mind,

you know, big fluffy bun, thick patty...

neeayoooo I was really thinking something more along the lines of something edible...

(and what is that supposed to be with all of those thick white lines?!?!)

uhhh, last I checked, metal hamburgers aren't suitable for consumption either

Yummm. Scooby-Doo hamburger marshmallows, lying around the house long enough to make it to the thrift store, mmmmm

(Yeah the marshmallows were still shrink-wrapped in the tin)

perhaps I'll have a hot dog

or just a glass of water, yeah, that sounds good

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